(Almost) all about me

Originally growing up on a small organic farm in Switzerland, I now live on the east-coast of the US in the New Haven area in Connecticut.

I started my professional education with an apprenticeship as electrical engineer in a Swiss-based instrumentation and process automation company, working with and around flow measurement. I then proceeded with a Bachelors degree in electrical engineering, returning to mentioned company repeatedly for summer jobs and my Bachelor's thesis.

My interest for coding started during my apprenticeship as electrical engineer with the age of about 18. Always fascinated by technology, especially electronics and computer, I soon started to write the first programs for my TI-89 calculator in C. This was also my first programming language (besides some DOS batch programming) and led to experimenting with various other programming and scripting languages like VB, PHP, JavaScript, Java, C++ and sh/bash. During my apprenticeship I learned PIC and Assembler programming and used C a lot for automation systems.

Currently, I mainly program in Java and PHP (including HTML, CSS and some JavaScript) and once in a while there is some electronic project I am working on. Because of my deeper interest in computer and programming I also decided to switch entirely to Unix operating systems (mainly Ubuntu and Linux Mint) and I have been happily working with it now for years. Java has been my preferred language now for many years - but as always, one language does not solve all problems so I am constantly learning to broaden my mind. I never run out of ideas.

My current jobs include working for a automation systems company (manufacturin custom machines and programming PLC's) and working as a freelancer (mainly Java software engineering)